Diary. Fair use

“Diary-writing isn’t wholly good for one … It leads to living for one’s diary instead of living for the fun of living as ordinary people do”. James Agate 1877-1947, British drama critic and novelist.

Regardless of the fact that diary-writing can be part of the fun of living, the observation is certainly appropriate, since when dealing with actions or passions in life our challenge is always the right measure, and even when we sometimes (or often) wallow in them (our passions etc.) it is good we keep this well in mind.

Life, generally, should be something harmonious where a single part should never devour the rest. A thing like that can of course occur and the results be sometimes outstanding – as it happens with those geniuses who are such only because they concentrate all their potential on one single point. This kind of disharmony though hardly brings happiness.


Note to some comments to this post. I had commented on this blog’s post Buddhist thought of the day with some thoughts about Buddhism: “I am not religious but I think that Buddhism, compared with other religions, is more endowed to confront with modern science…since, as Dalai Lama says, “it grants maximum authority to experience, secondly to reason and only lastly to scriptures”. This is why Indian xntricpundits has sent me these comments on Buddhism and not on diary-writing.

Italian version

6 thoughts on “Diary-writing (or Blog-writing)

  1. #but I think that Buddhism, compared with other religions, seems more endowed to confront with modern science, which might further favour its penetration…#

    I will second that idea of yours.Every religion should have a room which can allow contradictions.But I see this space is being hijacked by pseudo-intellectuals.Religion and thoughts associated with it should flow like a river.There should be no stopping to these[thoughts] because once thoughts get stagnated,there ends the religion(cesspool of stagnated thoughts stink).Like science religion should accept the truth,good of times and throw away the chaff.

    #Buddhism seems better equipped in its approach to science since, as Dalai Lama says, “it grants maximum authority to experience, secondly to reason and only lastly to scriptures”#

    What Dalai Lama said may not be acceptable for some of those who practice buddhism.I completely agree with Dalai Lama…scriptures should take a back seat and should be consulted only when one finds hard to progress in the path of nirvana or moksha or enlightenment.They should serve as signboard or as guide. But these days we see madness:fanatic adherence to written word in scriptures and rituals.
    rituals and scriptures took a center stage rather than individual experience. Religion every now and then should reinvent itself. Thoughts of yesterday sometimes may not be helpful to guide us into future.

    To borrow from TAGORE’S:
    Where the clear stream of reason
    has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand of dead habit;
    Where the mind is led forward by thee into ever-widening thought and action—
    Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.




  2. Thanks for your wonderful comment on my blog. I added your blog to my personal list of must read blogs. Every post here is full of information..satisfies the hunger of bookworm and blogscraper inside me. Wish i could catch “Best espresso in the world”-someday may be.
    thanks again



  3. Thank you xntricpundits. I am just trying to find variety and what excites me intellectually. And it seems so far India has caught me. I then suddenly met your blog and loved it. I will also put it in my favourite list. Of course Roman espresso is waiting for you. Only remember that in Naples espresso is much better than here lol. One has to be honest. Regards from Roma.


  4. Diary writing can be fun…A diary can be your best friend second only to dogs.. especially so when u are alone..
    Not the same with blog… It doesn’t have that magnetic effect.

    On the flip side … the problem with Diary writing can stop you from moving on…It gives you hearty laugh when u read the statements made years ago… although they were’nt exactly humourous when you write them…

    And lastly… for all the readers of the post and not to the author of this blog. If u ever feel like diary writing is stopping you from moving on….BURN IT. burning YOUR diary can be the most satisfying experience you can ever have… though I am just 22


  5. @Falcon
    Why should I shoot you? I am non violent ah ah ah. Plus I like dialectics, which also means clash of ideas. No, no, I like your comments Falcon, do not worry! Only, being 59 and often busy I cannot reply to all you write to me. Happy new year to you too!


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