Elaan is a NGO dealing with Child Sexual Abuse issues

A note of support for what our Indian blog friends Amith, Poonam and others are doing against child sexual abuse, a tragedy occurring all over the world. Poonam has written several posts about this topic (here is one) observing that “writing about a issue is only the first step toward awareness. But acting on the solution is the most important next step.”

And Amith has in fact moved into action through this NGO, Elaan, and the Elaan blog. You can visit these places to show your support.

(The Elaan image – which I had to cut a bit – has been designed by Arkoprovo Mukherjee)

9 thoughts on “Against Child Sexual Abuse

  1. Hmmm… must have missed it. Thanks for bringing this to my notice. If everybody contributes a little bit, collectively it becomes a much larger effort. 🙂


  2. @Ashish
    Yes, I think so. Blogs should also be meant for this type of efforts and awareness spreading, and not only for intellectual masturbation (referred to my blog, of course lol) 🙂


  3. Thanks for the support! 🙂 …. And you are right about what Blogs are meant and can be used for!

    @ Ashish,

    Yes. Drops make up an ocean!


  4. @Amith
    It is admirable what you are doing.

    I know he is doing the good work. But you helped too.


  5. @Poonam
    I finally did one meme, ugh ugh. As I told Ashish, I couldn’t resist your charm (plus orders lol). It is fun after all. All my best regards, Poonam.


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