Youth with its endless energy has always been fascinating. All revolutions are made by young people, which are like gasoline, ever exploding, ever changing the world. The British industrial revolution was prepared by an agricultural revolution that greatly increased and rejuvenated the population, so one can say that this fundamental breakthrough was largely a product of young energies (which did not mean a mere extension of the workforce).

We now see a whole new generation of Indians and Chinese (together with the Brazilians etc.) fighting for a better future and rightfully enthusiastic about the progress of their respective countries. We are watching with interest this world readjustment occurring before our eyes and fuelled by the younger generations. Hundreds of thousands of these youngsters being active bloggers, it is easy to have a direct connection with them via the blogosphere. Here a list of a few Indian bloggers we have been in contact with: Ashish, Falcon, Poonam, Nita, Amyth, Ishmeet, Shefaly, Reema, Nova etc.

(Above a picture of the Lotus Temple in Delhi, India, courtesy of mais_dois)

As far as the Chinese, we’ve been in contact with a young woman blogger only, AutumnSnow, the problem with China being the language, as far as we can tell (and/or our incapability of connecting to Chinese people so far).


Indian Amyth has been the first to comment in our blog. Recently we found this post on his weblog site:

“I am a die-hard nationalist! I LOVE going to malls on weekends and experiencing first-hand India’s spending BOOM. I LOVE watching IPL and all the cricketing world’s eyes glued to the Indian story. I LOVE Bollywood churning out movie after movie and filled-up multiplexes. I LOVE listening to analysts on CNN Money talking about “The India Story!”

I know there are miles to go still.. and there are mountains to climb. But I know that as a nation of a billion-plus people we are striving for better lives and for a better India. We are working hard and we are getting closer.”

Touching words. Following is a video he presents in his post. Produced by India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), “in many ways … it captures the essence of India”, in Amyth’s opinion, talking of modern advances together with Karma and Dharma. Impressive, in our view.

Unfortunately we couldn’t find anything similar for China. Maybe the movie below can provide an idea of what is also happening in that country, although we being not allowed to embed it we can just follow this link here (courtesy of CutePiglet123).

Unbelievable views and pictures, in any case. Really.

23 thoughts on “Fuelling the Future

  1. @AutumnSnow
    Yes, it is a gentle and wonderful flower. Why don’t you pls help me to find a very nice movie depicting both modern China and its heritage?

    Thanks for popping in…
    All my best regards



  2. Indeed!

    To the west, India and China are the 2 mysteries of the East that Westerners increasingly want to know more and more about.

    I am eagerly waiting for your post on China!


  3. @Amyth
    I don’t know if I can soon dedicate a post to China. Some of my friends are already wondering if I forgot my blog’s initial purpose. But in the future yes, it will sure come out, one way or another.

    My regards, Amyth

    Yes, China and India are mysteries to us Westerners


  4. @Poonam
    Interesting. So you participate too in this enthusiasm …I know this is a great moment for the Indians…

    So post on China is next, secret is out
    Yeah, it’s out, a lot of hype occurring in the media and I can see millions of Chinese biting their nails because of waiting impatience… 🙂


  5. Hah! You are mistaken Teacher, if you say India and China are the way forward for in the near future I will have conquered this planet and become Emperor of the World! 😛

    PS. Dabido is Australian and has been to Italy once or Twice.

    PPS. and yes, I left my brain in the refrigerator today.


  6. @Ashish
    Well, at least it’s in a chilled place, Ashish. We live in a furnace here.

    Dabido is Australian? Wow, it seems the power of the Emperor, if not planetary yet, is extendin’ over the Aussies too….
    Well, if he is not at least of Indian descent I’ll have to erase him from my list…

    I saw your new story. I’ll comment when I can


  7. I have doubts over Dabs being of Indian descent, but he is or Irish/British I think.

    Dabido is Australian? Wow, it seems the power of the Emperor, if not planetary yet, is extendin’ over the Aussies too….
    Actually that is because I used to only visit foreign blogs earlier having had bad experiences within the country. [Although thats changed a LOT now] Dabido happens to be my first ever blog friend. 😀


  8. @Ashish
    Dabido happens to be my first ever blog friend
    So you are my Dabido, in some way 🙂

    We have (had) a common trait. I very seldom visit Italian blogs. I need variety in life and get bored by what I already know too well.

    Ok, then, I’ll take him away from my list.

    Ciao, dear Ashish.

    I have commented your story.


  9. We have (had) a common trait.
    Remove the had… because it’s not me who initiates the contact but they… Poonam, ish, Amit, Amyth, Reema and Falcon would testify. 😀


  10. @Ashish
    It is because you are a wonderful read and your posts and comments are sparkling! Forget all I said about literature and continue to be yourself, dude.


  11. you post seem to start an interesting debate, one which i was thinking about for the last few weeks.
    all that economic boom, here in india, the rise of the new indian middle class, the development etc… where is it leading us? is globalization a thing to be relished? and it comes as a complete surprise how we have become from a land of the saints and snake charmers which were once the sanctuary for the westerner running from the fangs of capitalism into the second most growing economy of the world, the demands of which everyone is running to satisfy.

    ultimately, we are not true to ourselves, we were earlier proclaiming ourselves to be socialists, when we waited for 5 years to get a motor scooter and now we are totally capitalist, that we need our cars to be delivered in under a day, we have compressed a 5 day sport into a 3 hour bollywood entertainment session.

    i am an Architect, this jumble of mess we seem to call modern Architecture and all those skyscrapers proclaiming our ‘arrival’ seem to reinforce that we are trying to imitate attitudes that does not become us, where is the ‘purety’ and simplicity of a Taj Mahal. this video shown here is a new perfect recipe for selling, the economic boom, a nation of growth. the rise of the ‘New’ India.

    what we have to prove? to whom we have to prove? we need to ask ourselves first.
    i loved and miss the afternoons spent in the cafe giorgio in via torino in Milano, the sketching sessions of Santa Maria della grazie, when i was totally broke, in those lazy afternoons, with Alfas and Lancias around, when i had peace, when i did something worthwhile and life seemed nice.


  12. @Gaurav
    I think you are hitting a very important point, Gaurav, and it regards not only India. All this development going on, all this rush for money etc. what does that mean? Are people still true to themselves?

    I remember that when I was a child Italy was much poorer but people were certainly happier, and statistics about the level of happiness in my country seem to confirm it. Of course anything, no matter what, is better than starving, still….

    I’d like to know the opinion of some of my Indian commentators on this theme you have proposed.

    Thank you Gaurav


  13. Thanks for pointing me to this post Man of Roma. Odd how I have not come here before!!
    This blog is very interesting and I am linking to it plus adding it to my surfer.
    About this issue, I am in my forties, and I can say I have seen the old “happy” India. That is a myth. India was not happy. That was because merit never counted and why I thank capitalism is that today there is far greater chance of merit counting. In those days it was your contacts, bribing etc that went a long way in making you successful as there were so many rules in socialist India. Sure genuine people also came up, but it was very very difficult.
    I know Capitalism has it’s bad side, and if today we could get the kind of Socialism that Europe has it will be great. India didn’t have that kind of Socialism. There were a lot of rules for business, resulting in squashing of merit and more chance of corruption. People starved, and there is no doubt that poverty has been alleviated to some extent today. We have a long way to go and there is a lot of corruption still, but I do believe that we are improving. The thought of going back to the Old India to me at least is a nightmare beyond belief…roads full of potholes everywhere!! Tough for a middle class person buying a house even after 30 years!! Slave labour!! An elite class that exploited the poor!! Hardly any middle class!! Everything happening because you knew somebody, red tape, business being strangled, oh god, I can go on forever! I pray fervently that India never ever goes back to those dark days.
    Also I am not at all comfortable with the way India “culture” treats women. As far as I am concerned I want a modern society where men and women are equal, where there is business and social reform, where there is end to corruption etc.
    As I said we have a long way to go, but we are getting there, step by step.


  14. @Nita
    I mostly agree on what you just wrote. But one question arises: aren’t you a bit too radical and focusing on practical matters only? I mean – and I’m playing the devil’s advocate here – is Indian old and complex culture totally BAD? Since India is rising up so impressively, isn’t this depth and culture and brains after all which make you different and much more capable vis-à-vis other regions of earth who are still stuck in the mud? To totally westernise India would be a mistake, I believe, and would greatly diminish world cultural variety.

    I’m wondering about this point since the blog I am running is based on reasonings like this:

    “Let us admit it. In some central and especially southern areas of this country, Italy, minds and habits still survive that puzzle lots of foreigners, historical remnants whose disadvantages towards modernity are clear. Are they only disadvantages?”

    Ciao and thanks



  15. @Nita

    Thanks for your appreciation Nita and for linking to my blog. You see, my blog is about what can be good of our classic past and tradition, yours probably on what is *not* good of your past. But India is India, and I believe that, though getting more and more modern, you will always be Indian forever. Great civilizations never die.


  16. I didn’t mean that it is totally bad. I agree about the richness of Indian culture and that is why I put the word culture into inverted commas. The real Indian culture is indeed very rich and that is why
    we all are what we are today. But unfortunately the culture has been distorted. It is very difficult for me to explain it here…suffice to say that our system became unbalanced due to years of colonial rule and mughal rule which brought with it alien cultures which clashed with Indian culture. As a result we still have the gaping wounds and only a modern India can see it healed. At the same time let me say that true Indian culture will rise again, simply because it is their in our genes. Simply because India has throughout history resisted imposition of alien cultures. As a result it has suffered but it never gave up it’s culture. Lets say that the modernity is like a bandage which we need until we cure ourselves of the sufferings of the past. India by the way was the richest nation in the world until British Rule. I have a post on my blog on this and one day when you have time you can go through that and the large number of comments which will give you an idea as to India’s history.


  17. @Nita
    As far as I know, I totally agree with this picture you are giving.

    India by the way was the richest nation in the world until British Rule.
    Well, I know this, and I’ll gladly read you post. As far as my blog lol, I in fact wrote in September 2007:

    “You peoples in the Far East (India and China) were at the top of the world in science, philosophy, technology and richness for….1000 years? 2000 years? More? …you went down for 200 (250?) years due to British industrial revolution, who helped the Anglo-Saxons (and the nations they created) to take the lead. But what are even 250 years? Only 10 generations, if we consider 1 generation = 25 years. Very little indeed.”

    Well, now after a brief eclipse you are back 🙂


  18. @Nita
    I have a better knowledge of ancient history, but I think that the Industrial revolution somewhat fuelled British imperialism. It is an important factor. After all, what made the UK, such a small country, so powerful and invincible for many generations?


  19. @ nita,

    thanks for your comments, but i think you didn’t quite get what I am referring to, i am not talking about ‘cliched’ ideas of development, more opportunities for women, more jobs, meritocracy etc. on the state of present india. And how captalism is all bad. i am neither extolling nor vilifying.
    As an Indian, i am very used to say and hear the phrase that India was the richest country in the world, the highest civilization, and how the evil ‘Imprerialists’ have robbed us. We were the masters of science blah.. blah..
    In the end, as human beings, we are masters of our own destiny…
    what i am saying is all of us need to ask ourselves, what is exactly we want, and be true to ourselves, our problem is we are neither here nor there, once maybe if we manage to decide what is exactly we want as ‘Indians’, as ‘humans’ we will really be ‘fuelled’ for the future. 😉
    its a question which not only applies to ‘India’ but to the world, but since maybe we are transforming a little too quickly…….you know…

    buonanotte and arrivederci.

    @ MOR.

    No, thank you that i get to hear and learn so many things.


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