Magister said one has to avoid going around with a lantern in search of the traces of the Roman and Italian civilization in the world. How mean! How sad it would be! – he remarked.

This brings to my mind a French guy I met at some friends’ house where he was staying for a brief vacation in Rome. He kept praising the beauty of the monuments and the historical importance of the city (“Ah, l’histoire, ici on voit vraiment l’histoire!”) but the couple of times we went out together he spent almost all his time counting the French cars in the Roman streets, and every time he saw one his pleasure was evident.

One aim of this blog is that of discussing all sorts of permanences of the ancient Greco-Roman world, in my country and elsewhere. We did some work on this already. For the future we are planning to talk about the only real last Roman legion left in our opinion, the French Foreign Legion (see picture below); we’ll also talk about the survivals of Roman habits and religious & non-religious traditions in Italy and Europe (ways of thinking, saints, festivals etc.), the list being long.

We’d like though to make it clear that we won’t do all this with that mean attitude we were talking about.

We’re not here for counting cars.



(are we?)

5 thoughts on “Are we Counting Cars?

  1. From what I see there are ten cars… wait, we’re not here for counting cars? Damn.. they fooled me. Freakin’ angels. 😆

    Sorry I could not take part in the debate you invited me to MoR… I’m trying to get rid of this addiction of mine… the internet. 🙂


  2. @Ashish

    LOL. Don’t worry. I can understand too well this addiction, this also being why I am soon announcing – so to say – my three-weeks vacation break from blogging. I’ll keep reading blogs though and I might comment also.

    Hope all is well with you!



  3. After I took a long break from blogging, it’s sad to hear that it’s your turn to take 3 weeks break from blogging though i seldom comment on your posts.

    Once you started to take this break, don’t you afraid your brain doesn’t work well any more??? or Maybe it’s just the heat to make you all Europeans’ head spinning lol?


  4. Hey, are you telepathic AutumnSnow? I just now posted my vacation adieu. Well, adieu … I’ll be back at the beginning of September.
    My brain? Ah yes, it will be put into the fridge for a while, as Ashish says, so maybe my European head will stop spinning ah ah ah.

    I advice you to take a vacation too, if you can, my friend. I missed your comments. Where have you been?

    I wish you a wonderful summer.


  5. Telepathic? haha..yes I am~ 😉

    About taking a vacation, I would like to have a long vacation because I really need rest from this hectic life and work. It’s pity that I cannot take vacation at this moment…Don’t know when will i have a vacation…lol? I had a short trip last weekend to Zhuhai and Macau. I wrote something about it,you can go there to have a look when you back. 🙂

    I also wish you have a wonderful vacation!


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