Today is my blog’s first birthday. A year exactly has elapsed since I started this new experience. I am awful at celebrations, but I’ll say one year has passed quickly enough, though sometimes my blogging hasn’t been the easiest to me because of this language, which is not my own, and because of my topics, complicated at times even to the writer (can you imagine to my average reader).

On the whole though a beautiful experience. I had the great pleasure to write, joke, talk or seriously discuss with people so various, which was one of my aims.

I know that in the post Are we going anywhere? I had promised a thorough evalutation of my first blogging year, but now I don’t feel like it. Is it so important? In any case, and since that post (April 15 2008: 35,000 hits, 47 posts, 395 comments), my blog’s traffic has doubled (September 9 2008: 74,000 hits, 70 posts, 741 comments) despite an access slowdown during July and August 2008.

People have stumbled upon my blog searching for these things (sorted by num. of views):

India, Anna Magnani, jungle, Roman sex, Dionysos, Stonehenge, Bob Dylan, buttocks, Indian people, Roman woman etc. etc.

Other popular search terms have been (unsorted):

old books, trojan horse, res3ia, young Roman boy, espresso, pompei fresco erotic, Roman limes, Prozac, ancient erotic art, Porsche 996 Carrera, Aishwarya Rai, marble Roman ass, love words etc. etc.

Some terms I am not so proud of, not because sex is to me something to be ashamed of, no, not at all. It’s only because it is too easy to get hits through it. My first Sex and the City of Rome post produced wholly more than 9000 hits! I also confess here aloud my vile sin of playing a bit with tags in order to attract readers.

Other terms used in search engines puzzle me instead: I can understand ‘buttock’, but why is ‘jungle’ so popular? Plus I didn’t know that our Roman actress Anna Magnani was so well-liked around the world (admire all her strength, passion and dignity in the picture below).

I dropped the Italian pages, lacking the time and being more intrigued by an international audience. The tone of my writing has at times become serious and complex, I know. Well, I’m sure my flippant side will pop up again, now and then.

A little bit I think I have achieved as regards my research on Roman-ness even though deep inside I feel that I have ‘tasted only the outer crust’ of it. We are going to see.

Charming discoveries have been the Indians, people from North America of Italian origin, one Chinese woman, Americans and Britons living in Italy and in Europe and other people I cannot list here.

I thank whoever has read anything I have written and above all I thank all my dear commentators, with their ideas, jokes, support and warmth.

I finally hope this blog has been useful to someone, even just one single person. It would be the most important thing of all.

14 thoughts on “This Blog’s First Birthday

  1. Well, that’s quite an achievement. One and half years of blogging and I have only 60k hits to credit. And you do write about mystic stuff that most people do not know about. I am sure it has been useful to many people. 🙂


  2. @Poonam
    Thank you Poonam, you always have your special way of being supportive. As far as your hits, you never talked about sex the way I did, so maybe it’s just the sex weirdoes who raised my hits. After all, my Sex and the city of Rome stuff is nearly always in the top list. In truth, I think you did a very good job.


  3. I don’t know about others but ur blog has certainly helped me to learn a lot of things…
    And It’s kind f addictive…

    And as Poonam said it… ur blog is mystic.. that’s something that attracts people over here..

    By the way welcome back..


  4. Welcome back, MoR. As Poonam said you wrote mystic stuff that people do not know about, so this blog does help many people.

    Besides, this blog is a link to connect people around the world as you listed in the above. You can tell something that people do not know about, you can also share your feeling too.

    Your blog does help me to learn a lot about your country, the west and the history lol~ 🙂


  5. @Commentator
    Thanks man, and take care!

    Thank you Falcon. My writings are mystic? This thing, first said by Poonam, has surprised me, but – as I commented in your blog – one is sometimes the worst critic of his own thoughts. Glad if it can result in an easier connection with the Indian people (although I am puzzled) …

    Happy you popped in Snow, and thank you! Wish it were true my blog was such a connection. Actually it’s the blogosphere who does the miracle.

    And yes, ah ah ah. And grazie.


  6. Congrats ManofRoma!!! And Welcome back from your vacation. Hopefully, the battery’s charged now and we won’t just be counting cars! 🙂


  7. Look at you! You couldn’t be more fascinating if you tried. When I make my triumphant return to Rome, drinks are on me.


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