Roman Night Forum Skyline

I am on a trip around California. Having no time for writing, I’ll propose again a few lines from my method post that express the initial inspiration of this blog.

A sort of naïve enthusiasm is to be noted. Well, nothing can be achieved without enthousiasmos, a Greek word meaning “a rapturous inspiration like that caused by a god.” Big words, I know.

Let us Have Fun, my Delectable Guests

“Let us have fun, my delectable guests. Life should be fun! Let us imagine we are in early summer when the evening sea breeze, or ponentino, is so delightful. I’m inviting you all from every civilization, country, era space location. I am inviting you ALL to this virtual Roman terrace, overlooking the eternal city’s magnificent skyline.

Rome, loose woman and she-wolf, is watching attentive. Is she smiling?

Dinner after dinner, amid flowers perfumed and aromas from dishes exquisite, in front of a breathtaking spectacle of glories and defeats, coming from a civilization of hard & refined conquerors, who always accepted those who were – and are – diverse, and their gods, and their creeds, and philosophies and manners …

… here, sweet guests of mine, let us enjoy our life a bit! Away from all the sorrows, away from all the pains, let us discuss on themes light, silly and severe. Good food will not be missing, together with good music (another guest of ours, of course) and plenty of delicious wine and, naturally, no real objection to a pot of good beer (or cervesia), once in a while.

Playing being simple, playing being easy: all it takes is good food, good music, and good good company, most of all!

While I was writing, music and red vino di Montalcino were helping me to fly high.”

See you soon.


Italian version


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7 thoughts on “Virtual Dinners on a Roman Terrace

  1. Ah Professo’!
    I just wanted you to know that I check up on you from time to time. Of course, as fate would have it I come when you are having a VIRTUAL Dinner Party!!! What the CAZZ? Can you say CAZZ. on a wordpress blog? Sorry for crashing your party and not having anything to add. I think I had too much of your virtual vino!!! Un abbraccio forte.


  2. @Mortadello
    Can I say Cxxx?

    I guess so. I even said F%@% here. I think I should know you but my memory is now faltering. Maybe too much virtual vino as well, like the day I wrote this.
    In any case, ciao Mortadello, whoever you are.
    One of my craziest American students?? Probably the friend of Mortadella.
    Un abbraccio!!!


  3. Yes, I think you are on to me! I am very good friends with MORTADELLA!!! One of your BEST students!!!
    I was the other one that caused all the problems!!!


    1. Of course, of course ah ah ah. You American RAGAZZACCIO, BAD BAD BOY! Hey, MORTADELLA is coming next week for what is probably my last IT course. Dove cxxxx sei stato? Where the hell have you been? Hope you are not that drunk with vino!!! (virtual vino, virtual vino, of course)


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