28 thoughts on “Time for a Summer Break

  1. Have a good break MoR. ‘See you’ when you get back. Hopefully, I shall be going to Rome for a few days sometime in August to see a friend who has been quite ill. Maybe, I shall even take a walk along the Tiber….


    1. Hope when you arrive here it won’t be as hot as it is now. But I remember you like heat at any rate and you can stand even hot Milan summers, which is no small feat at all.


  2. That is indeed a pretty picture and I wish you a very nice holiday. Actually I need one too and will taking one soon. So by the time you are back, I will probably be on holiday.
    Have fun


  3. I’ve found that everytime MoR takes a vacation, that rap artist “Roman Romeo” tours… coincidence? Must investigate! 😛

    Enjoy the vacation MoR! 😀

    I’ll bug you via email! 😛


    1. Awwwwaughaww, you’ve finally caught me dude! So yes, *I AM* Roman Romeo, the Rapper of Colosseo!
      I’ll bug you too soon dear Ashish. I hope to hear news about you.


  4. @Man Of Roma

    gr8 to find u taking a break!!! Enjoy ur vacation…

    Last few months I have been very busy… Busy in what?
    … I have yet to figure that answer

    Anyways i had not read ur post which are usually overflowing with mystique knowledge…so Finally I can actually catch up with the missed knowledge lessons!!!

    hope u have a gr8 vacation..
    By the way did I tell you that the pic that you have posted is wonderful?


    1. Falcon, I do hope you don’t rely on me only for your ‘mystique knowledge’: I don’t want to feel responsible for people going away from the correct path lol. Happy summer and vacation to you too dear Falcon!


  5. Thanks for visiting and leaving comments even though you’re officially on vacation. Wait. I thought all Italy took vacations in August. What happened?


    1. Ciao Rosaria. Well, true, usually Italians take vacation in August but it is not an iron rule. Plus, being now retired, I take vacation whenever I like lol.


  6. Bellissima foto, il cielo plumbeo solitamente non s’addice a quest’ansa, ma in questa immagine si.

    Buona vacanza. Noi siamo tornati dal nostro viaggio panamericano e subito siamo stati assaliti dalla peggiore heat wave Romana del secolo. Tu sei a mollo nel fiume sacro o sei fuggito verso lidi più freschi?

    Lola xx


    1. A mollo nel fiume sacro è un po’ difficile. E’ sacro ma è inquinato. Le fontane so’ un po’ meglio, ma ti fanno la multa. Ahio, non sono fuggito, ma Roma d’agosto mi piace, è calda ma finalmente tranquilla.

      Ciao e abbracci, tu e il pupo.



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