Rome view. Click to enlarge picture and for credits

Back from my blog vacation, problem being I don’t know what to write. The heat is hampering my thoughts. At the end of the week the weather should be cooler, they say.

I’ll try to write shorter posts and make like a personal diary out of this blog. I’ve seen bloggers who write one-sentence posts. On va voir. We will see.

Count Calcagni’s memoirs cannot devour my blog. I’ll post Calcagni at wider intervals, then I will create a page where all excerpts can be read as one.

Readers keep on clicking my “Sex and the city (of Rome)” series, which is therefore always on the ‘Top Posts’ list on the right column. People coming here will think I am a maniac. I’d like them to know I write mostly about other stuff, so I’ll add a ‘Posts I like’ list.

Woodstock. Lots of mistakes and stupid ideas in those days [mid August 1969.] But the good part of it all was the concept of a society in which people love each other and are tolerant. It seems to me the world is evolving in the opposite direction.

[Getting old we all become a bit laudatores temporis acti.]

16 thoughts on “Back From Blog Vacation. Heat, Sex and Woodstock

  1. Welcome back MoR.

    I like the idea of this becoming a diary but I’m not sure about one-liners though.

    Glad to know that Calcagni’s memoirs will continue as I really do like them.

    Yes, the heat was incredible when I was in Rome last weekend although not nearly as stuffy as it can get (is currently) in Milan.


    1. Hi Andy,

      One-liners, I don’t know. If that means ‘just one line’ I instead meant ‘sentences’, which can be longer.

      Glad you like Calcagni’s memoirs. It turns they are puzzling to some non Europeans.

      Oh, Milan is worse than Rome. The heat there is unbearable.


  2. Bentornato, professo’
    we should devise cunning plan to ward off the heat and perhaps cluster among the few survivors in this ghost city.
    My neighborhood presently feels like living in a bad Spaghetti Western, tumbleweeds… the occasional stray coyote etc.

    Una birretta gelata?


    1. Ciao Lola,

      I like this ghost city with little traffic. Ah ah, yes, it is as desolate as a Spaghetti Western landscape.

      Una birretta gelata? Non vedo particolari obiezioni.

      Ciao bella.



  3. welcome back. I too have just got back from a short vacation, and it is hot here and it was hot there. I wonder what you mean by hot though. Can’t be as warm and humid as mumbai!


    1. Hi Nita,

      so welcome back you too!

      By hot I mean a ‘real feel’ of 37-38 degrees Celsius, which corresponds to a 33-34 plus humidity. I know Mumbai is worse. Generally people are used to their own climate, but things are changing, we all suffer a bit more.


  4. One liners are so damned difficult.. i tried my hand at 55 words fiction and failed miserable! SIGH!!

    😆 @ “People keep on clicking my “Sex and the city (of Rome)” … People stumbling upon my blog will think I am a maniac. I’d like them to know I’ve also written other stuff, so I’ll add a ‘Posts I like’ or something list.” Word “sex” can do wonders to you blog hits 😉 😉

    I hope you enjoyed your break 🙂

    Welcome back 🙂


    1. Hi Sakhi, thank you.

      I can understand one liners are difficult, especially with fiction! Yes, sex is a magic word for hits, but I’d like to be read also for other topics lol. Yes, I did enjoy my break.

      Glad you popped up!



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