The Taj Mahal or ताज महल

Some of my posts have been just now nominated at the Indian Avant Garde Bloggies Awards. They are appearing on the comment section at the right.

It’s a huge Indian Bloggie festival promoted by the fantastic and indefatigable Poonam Sharma, a young woman with character who is constructing the new India like all the young Indians around her.

I feel honoured, and I am moved a bit, I’ll confess. It doesn’t really matter who will win since what matters here is that ideas, mutual respect, intercultural appreciation plus, last but not least,  affection, have circulated among us.

For an Italian this is even more important since Italians – the ones I have experience of – are not that open to the world, like instead other folks from other seas, or past, are.


Let me repeat that the people from the subcontinent have been important for the Man of Roma’s blog. Don’t know why, they have been founding in some way – odd in a blog dedicated to Rome -, as many of my posts and conversations [see a sample] – here and in other blogs – attest (in my first not-easy-to-forget blogging year mostly – now West readers have kinda devoured me.)

So now I want my non Indian readers to get to know some of these people. I’ll let them speak via the Avant Garde Bloggies Awards web site (Poonam’s voice mainly.)

The Bahá'í Lotus Temple in Delhi, India.

“Hey there! Avant Garde Bloggies Awards aims to find the worthiest bloggers around. You are here to have your voice counted to decide the worthiest blogger available.

Publicist: Nikhil

Scrutinising Team: Dhiren, Vimal, Smita and Vee (I could not even have taken a single step without these four.)

Awards Badge Designer: Chirag


  1. Nita: A knowledgeble part-time journalist and movie reviewer from Bombay who writes about India
  2. Nikhil: A whacky guy from Bangalore who would not hesitate to write about wierdest things you can be shy of imagining
  3. Museditions: An interesting blogger from US who calls herself lifelong student of philosophy, arts, science and music
  4. Withering Willow: A blogger and personal friend with an artistic bent of mind. She would rather tell you about colour therapy, spas, chakras than any verbal activism
  5. Anshul: A cartoonist blogger who has been featured on NDTV Metronation as well as Indian Express for the uniqueness of his blog
  6. Vee: An outgoing nomad blogger (travelled 23 states) and reader. Passionate about movies (may watch a movie 12 times without qualms should it catch his fancy) and beautiful things in life.
  7. Magik: He writes and reviews movies at prestigious Passion for Cinema blog.
  8. Me (ie Poonam Sharma)
  9. Joseph Thomas: A singer, composer and podcaster from Kerala
  10. Rashmi: A personal friend and English litterateur from Pune who loves to read poetry and books. She has another blog these days. I will update link soon. She was a theatre enthusiast, currently she makes her living out of her words.
  11. Meetu: The lady who runs this hugely successful movie review site Without Giving the Movie Away (WOGMA). She won Indibloggies 2008 that happened in 2009.

I’ll finally add – I think it to be appropriate – some Indian fusion music (classical Indian + western pop)  from the Destination Infinity blog. Here is DI first:

“The song  ‘Taaye yeshoda’ from the movie ‘Morning Raaga’ [see below, MoR. ] is one of the best Classical/Carnatic fusion songs that I have heard till now. The first fusion song I heard was ‘Krishna Nee Begane’ [see also below] by Colonial Cousins. That was a brilliant fusion of western and classical. I have always wondered why there have not been many fusion songs after that. Carnatic/classical music has never appealed to me earlier …”

And this one too (unfortunately a better one DI proposed has been removed from Youtube):

25 thoughts on “Indian Avant Garde Bloggies Awards. MoR has been now nominated (and is moved)

  1. Congrats for the nominations MOR. I have always wondered how your blog has a lot of Indian readers 🙂 Anyways since I am accessing this blog from my mobile gprs I am not able to suggest the link for that song! Will do it as soon as possible.

    Destination Infinity


    1. Thanks DI. You’re not the only one to wonder about that.

      [an answer maybe *here?*]


      I’d love you to find me the new link to that song. I might be wrong, but I found it more appropriate (as ‘fusion’) and more pleasurable.


      1. Congrats Man of Roma! Maybe you and Andreas can grab some supporting roles in a Bollywood movie…

        I would definitely pay 10 bucks to preview that movie…


    1. Thank you dear Arimondi!! I missed you all, you probably don’t know how much. I being from Rome, something of the Italian east-alpine north has tho brushed on me a bit you know.


      1. Hi Mor,

        I liked you email about the last citadel of Italian culture. I totally agree. What could we do without Rai Radio 3? But don’t shout too loud, otherwise they may have the idea to shut it down (how many times thay had the temptation?) .. I like Rai Storia on the satellite as well. I wrote a short post on my Blog about it…
        Ciao ciao from cold northern Italy.


  2. Congratulations, Man of Roma, this is a nomination well deserved. And thank you for introducing me to this fusion music. Taye Yashoda was positively stunning.


    1. You’re always welcome here dear Louis! [great song, yes, and if DI links me to the other song again, it might be even better tho personal taste rules here]

      Thing is, I hope it’s deserved only for the respect I have for these people. If you read the conv I link to on the ‘selected posts’ right column – conversation with Poonam and Ashish, young persons, Ashish was 19 at that time, ladies I never ask – you’d be amazed by rare depth, integrity and maturity.

      Comparing it with Western teenagers’ blogs … either we must start to really change – or to definitely get worried.


    1. Always happy when you’re back Rosaria.

      I guess … all roads lead to Rome is still apropos.

      Well, not any more I instead think my friend. You said it many times to me too yourself. No matter how we consider this idea, ‘Rome’, – still magical to me I’ll confess – the world is (and always was) much bigger than that.


  3. My wonderful memory of Rome occurred in the Sistine Chapel three years ago.

    My husband and I took my handicapped and deaf mother to Italy when she was 76 years old. We stayed in a modest hotel by the Pantheon and arrived in late October. A cold snap had hit the city.

    We hired a private guide who very patiently tried to enunciate so my mother could read her lips.

    In the Sistine Chapel, my mother broke down and said, I never thought I would ever see this. We found it curious that this emotion would come at this time because we are not Christian.

    Later, my mother observed that she was overwhelmed with the history, the beauty, the continuum, and the cold stimulating weather of Rome.

    It was my 3rd trip to Rome, but this one was the most special.


  4. I haven’t been able to post comments recently. I’m in full mode now preparing for the launch of my business. All I do is post on my blog, so sorry for the delay on my congratulatory note.


    1. Don’t worry Al, and thanks you, business and family first of all. I also cannot comment on your blog, that, in the history of my bloggin, has been important.


    1. Thank you! I prefer you win! I did procrastinate (because of a too tough post) my comment on your writing regarding the qualities of your new husband. I ask for pardon and I’ll be there as soon as I can!


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