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I blabber with words, why shouldn’t I blabber with sounds. Here are two 1995 piano improvisations. My background is classical but the influence of American music is felt here, the US jazz icon Keith Jarret especially.

Some mushy hesitations, no style choice, are due to slowness of mind – I just didn’t know where the heck to go: improvising is damn hard.

The first piece is more complex and I was capable of re-playing it since I had written the score down. Today it would almost be impossible for me to play it but I have plans for the future plus my guitar is coming back. The second piece is shorter and simpler.

Truth is I like them both but I cannot judge them and certainly at times they sound weird. I just let myself go with the flow.


Musical improvisation and verbal digression are much discussed and related notions in this blog. See the posts at the foot of the page and The Catcher in the Rye book cover image below [J. D. Salinger was very digressive thus creating an overall effect of fresh improvisation.]

While listening to these 2 piano pieces a few days ago (for the first time after 15 years) Flavia declared with an odd smile:

“Your musical wanderings ….but the former I always found addictive and, most of all, it was the soundtrack of some of our best days!”

True. We lived for a while with this music as a background whatever its worth. And I am fortunate that Flavia’s humanity warms me up day by day.

Music writer. Click for credits

No computer quantizing is utilized – too robotic – so the music is ‘as it was originally played’. As post-production I though added a bit of voice layering to the first piece but not much. In both musics the speed has been made 15% faster – I read from my notes.

The instrument, my beloved vintage synth Korg O1/W – which I stupidly sold – has decent piano sounds although the medium-pitch tones I dislike.

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17 thoughts on “Two Piano Improvisations

  1. I listened and enjoyed. Thank you.

    And I am enchanted by your accompanying story about Flavia, who, I imagine, is your wife.

    One little snapshot summing up the loveliness of love!


    1. Hi Jenny, welcome here! (I saw you at Andreas’)

      Yes, Flavia is my wife. The days I met her – in Corfu, like a magic dream – I suddenly realised that love, warmth and generosity – that she radiates all the time – are what make life a worthy thing.


  2. just what my spirit needed to close an extremely difficult day… Koln Concert has been a favorite of mine ever since I can remember. And yes, you are fortunate.
    thank you Hombre de Roma, thxs a lot for your lovely improvisations.


    1. Thank you dear Ana, happy you’re back!

      Yes, the Koln Concert was to us The One for a long time. We were 35 more or less, and our dinners had this American genius playing for us. My piano improvisations, I was 45 instead.

      Hombre de Roma, cute nick! Trying to get into Spanish. Paz and Borges, and my youngest daughter, helping me.

      Stammi bene, tu e la tua bella famiglia!


    1. Nice of you to drop by! Glad you found these pieces not horrible. The first one is more … irregular, but it’s always been Flavia’s favourite.


  3. The first track could be titled “SURPRISE” because three times it seems to end only to rebound in a new direction. Loved those bell like sounds.
    The second track is more melodious and determined, it has a definite sense of direction.
    You could have been a musician.


    1. The first piece is capricious in its structure, so I’m not surprised by your “SURPRISE” title 🙂

      Ideas follow one another without any aim. And the high-pitch piano notes of that particular Synth (‘bell like sounds’) I liked quite a lot too, so I tried to play them often.

      A musician, Paul … today I am happy to be what I am … and a musician to me is just one who makes music. Hence, since I’ve started to play my beloved guitar again, I am a musician, am I not 😉


  4. LOve them! Darn how much we discover about people if we hang around! I bet now that you are retired you’ll be returning to all these loves.


    1. Rosaria! Happy you’re back and thank you! Yes, the more we hang ….. Of course with more time I’m getting back to all this, although, being a better guitarist I’m getting back to guitar first, a more intimate instrument imo. But, since my fingers are starting to fly again I might get back to piano as well. Loved you dropped by.


      1. fishing for compliments? Only good at choosing pictures? Good night Hombre de Roma, see ya soon.


        1. Ah ah, yes, Ana, I troll and troll in case something comes out of it! 😉
          A terrible Sibyl you are, like ALL women. And pls don’t get lost in the big world, ok?

          How is your book writing by the way?


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