This blog is on vacation for a period of one month more or less. I might post something in case I feel like it but I’m not sure.

I wish all my readers a happy summer solstice.

Well, the readers of the northern hemisphere.

The readers of the southern hemisphere, I wish them a happy winter solstice instead.

17 thoughts on “Summer Blog Vacation

  1. Zeus and I will be waiting. I just heard from him; relocated safely to Florida, and probably back on line a little before you will be.


  2. Ah, you take a break just when I announce my return? 😀

    Bro gifted me a lappy on me b’day! Now I can surf the web.. only if I get back home early from office. Ah well there’s always Sunday! 😀 See ya around! [I know I need to reply to the mails but there’s such an overwhelming amount of backlog on that front! 😀 ]


    1. So you Indian people also have summer breaks. That is good. As I wrote Ashish my daughter has just confirmed her trip to India has opened her eyes and I think now she is eager to discover China too. I know, it is silly that Western people always put India and China together (Cindia), but it is like that. You two are the big novelty from the East. Ciao dear Reema.


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