I Hope All Is Well with You

Montepulciano, Siena (Tuscany). Click for credits and to enlarge

Hi, I hope all is well with you.

I have not done much during my blog vacation. The heat was too intense. We had planned a short trip around Italy but we couldn’t leave because of our business and of a little accident Flavia had with her bicycle, nothing serious, enough though to have us postpone our trip.

So here we are, in a burning and still busy Rome (many Italians have given up their vacation because of the crisis: 46%, compared to 43% in 2009.)

This coming week-end we are leaving for Tuscany. Andrea Bocelli is singing somewhere out there. Not that I am that eager to listen to his voice but Flavia has organized everything as usual.

We’ll spend a couple of nights at a thermal bath location to relax a bit and we will be back on Monday evening.

Saluti dunque.