Montepulciano, Siena (Tuscany). Click for credits and to enlarge

Hi, I hope all is well with you.

I have not done much during my blog vacation. The heat was too intense. We had planned a short trip around Italy but we couldn’t leave because of our business and of a little accident Flavia had with her bicycle, nothing serious, enough though to have us postpone our trip.

So here we are, in a burning and still busy Rome (many Italians have given up their vacation because of the crisis: 46%, compared to 43% in 2009.)

This coming week-end we are leaving for Tuscany. Andrea Bocelli is singing somewhere out there. Not that I am that eager to listen to his voice but Flavia has organized everything as usual.

We’ll spend a couple of nights at a thermal bath location to relax a bit and we will be back on Monday evening.

Saluti dunque.

30 thoughts on “I Hope All Is Well with You

  1. If you go out to Montepulciano, there is a small town across (but within view) called Montefellanico (misspelled). They have a lovely little family owned restaurant there. Very tiny town.

    Stay cool!


    1. Thank you for the tip Cheri! You look gorgeous in your new red hat, and I’m wondering how many do you have in your wardrobe. They surely befit your face.


  2. Good to know… you miss us. We obviously do. Hope you enjoy la Toscana as we enjoyed our tiny paradise called Troncones in the Pacific coast. Un abrazo, and stay under the shade,

    pd. No comments about Boccelli… Cecilia Bartoli around?


    1. Of course I missed you all! La Toscana is a great place but also very hot in this season since most of it is away from the sea. I looked up Troncones, it seems a magic spot on the ocean. Of course Bocelli and Cecilia Bartoli are not comparable, but she’s not around I guess.

      Ricambio l’abbraccio.


  3. May I say how impressed I have been that you have actually taken a blog vacation? It’s very, very civilized to take the summer off. Un-Americanly civilized. Ciao.


    1. Glad to hear from you again Andreas!
      Well, it always was an Italian tradition to have one month off in summer although things are changing, not only because of the crisis.
      Yes, American people never stop working. I think you should reconsider the whole thing and let the Chinese work for you instead 🙂


      1. Why you said let the Chinese work for Amercian people??? Chinese are hard-working, but it doesn’t mean they like non-stop working everyday!


        1. Dear AutumnSnow, I was only joking. I just remember you once told me that the mainland Chinese (compared to the HK Chinese – you being one of them – or to most of the Western people) are extremely hard working 🙂


    1. Hi Richard, glad you’re back.
      And, I hope you don’t perceive my blog as a singing, tenor-like experience 😉

      I have to catch up with all your writings.


    1. Hi Reema, nice to hear from you again! Yes, it is very hot now in the Mediterranean area. Are you by the way visiting your sister now? Tell her I’ll soon reply to her email. And of course I have to catch up with your posts too. Ciao!


    1. I confess I like tenors and Opera in general, although I arrived to Opera late, since I’ve always had an interest in instrumental music mostly.


      1. I love opera myself (witness the way I strongarmed Zeus into becoming an operaphile) but tenors, especially in the absence or other registers, or hunting in packs, wear thinon me rather quickly.


  4. You can’t give up such a lovely tradition as Ferragosto. The whole world is trying hard to incorporate the civilized ways of Italians and French alike, eating at leisure, taking long walks, planning vacations regularly. Good to see you.


    1. Good to see you back. I hate to play the Roman history professor all the time, but Ferragosto holidays are so ingrained because they were a big tradition since the times of Emperor Augustus (Feriae Augusti, ie Festivals of the Emperor Augustus) 😉


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