We are going back to Tuscany for a couple of more days, after which my vacation is more or less finished.

Since we have friends in Tuscany who have beautiful houses I thought it was interesting for readers to catch a few glimpses of the Tuscan country this way.

These shots were taken during our last week-end. When I come back I will upload the originals so that you can watch them.

[Update: done, you can now zoom into them]

A presto.

8 thoughts on “Glimpses of the Tuscan Countryside

  1. @Cheri

    Thanks for dropping by! Yes, Tuscany is great and the Tuscan people too. I spent my vacations in those blessed places for many years so it is nice once in a while to go back. Happy end of summer to all!


  2. great views, terrific memories, pictures are – in some sense – tenseless. ba’hai greetings from london. scerir


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