Paul Costopoulos, the wise man of our little blogosphere slice. Courtesy of PC

Today it is the “Ides of March” or Idus Martii, a date famous for the assassination of Julius Caesar and an ancient festivity as well dedicated to the god Mars or Ares, the Greco-Roman deity of war.

Well, not only of war since (to the Romans only) such god was also an agricultural guardian.

March (Italian Marzo, Latin Martius) is the month named after Mars. Festivities in honour of Mars began in fact in such a year period in Ancient Rome and inaugurated the military (and agricultural) season.

They were then held again in October which ended the military campaigns and the farming activities – well, more or less since olive oil (called by Homer “liquid gold”) had still to be made because olives matured through the winter.


This is not though a post about war, farming or about Caesar.

Except for war we care about the said things. But a lot more we care about Paul Costopoulos, our Canadian sage.

Of both Greek and French descent (a potent mix) everybody likes Paul. He is endowed with wisdom, concrete knowledge of life and that emotional intelligence – as Dafna put it – that has made discussions wherever he goes interesting, humorous (and warm.)


Paul is 80 today.

Happy birthday friend.


14 thoughts on “Ides of March, Paul Costopoulos’ Birthday (and Paul’s Second Name is not Caesar)

  1. Dear Paul,
    Today is a special day for a charming, good person. I do hope you enjoy it immensely and share the cake.
    Happy Birthay to you. Je vous souhaite vingt plus.


  2. At words poetic, I’m so pathetic
    that I always have found it best
    To turn to youtube to find the best
    and let Cole Porter do the rest.

    Happy Birthday!


      1. Paul,

        If not on a birthday (and an 80th one!), when else may I get carried away?

        Anyway, you’re lucky we’re only internet friends; in person, even though I’m a worthless check, a total wreck, a flop, I would sing it karaoke-style.

        Very funny about Pisa. Seriously, happy birthday!


  3. Happy Birthday to you Paul.
    I read everything you say in comments around the blogosphere and take it to heart.
    Thank you.
    Many more Happy Birthdays are in your future.
    (The last prediction made by Chaerie-Faerie, who has some knowledge in predictions).


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