Happy Easter Bouquet. Click for attribution

Happy Easter to everybody! Of course happy any-festival to all according to any religion or tradition you may belong to.

It is 8 am here in Rome. We are about to leave for Tuscany where we’ll spend a couple of days together with a friend (and his family) who in this blog is called ‘my eldest brother’.


Oh how forgetful. A new chapter of the Manius Papirius Lentulus’ saga has appeared over at the Misce Stultitiam Consiliis blog [id est: Add (loads of) Insanity to (bits of) Widsom].

This new saga by the Man of Roma being a success, how could I doubt it, that is shattering the world.

Suffice it to say that La Repubblica, Le Monde, the UK Times, the NY Times and the Times of India – forgetting ALL wars, troubles, social injustice, gossip and the rest – are now focusing only on Manius Papirius Lentulus’ adventures in ancient Albion.

Why on earth you may ask.

Right. Well, it’s all very simple. Manius is actually revealing us the secret of secrets.

What the hell is this secret.

It is THIS.


Read the rest over at Manius’.

Ciao ciao.

Why are we all vampires? Click for attribution

19 thoughts on “Happy Easter to Everybody. And Now, the Secret Within the Secret

  1. @Paul

    Well, I was just trying to pull the new generation’s (ie my daughters’) leg. Don’t u know they are all crazy about darn vampires? (New world’s fault i guess?).

    Relax … NO vampires in beautiful Albion land. And it is too hard to type on this darn phone.

    I love u all.


  2. J’espère que tu as un vacances Pâques agréables en Toscane – le berceau de la Renaissance italienne, et la région où de nombreux personnages historiques vécu, tel que Petrarch, Dante, Botticelli, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo Galilei, Amerigo Vespucci, Luca Pacioli et Puccini.

    Peut-être, au cours de ton promenades matinales, tu rencontres les fantômes de certains d’entre eux? Comme c’est merveilleux, si c’est le cas.

    Au sujet des vampires, je pense qu’ils existent. En fait, je sais qu’ils existent. Ils ne sont pas des êtres qui sucent le sang, mais des êtres qui sucent les émotions.

    Après on est avec ce genre de vampire pendant une courte période, on a le sentiment d’être une carcasse étiolée.


    1. @Philippe

      My dear Philippe, les fantômes whom you so kindly mentioned have unfortunately haunted my brief vacation.

      The reason is this (and it’s due to les fantômes’ nature):

      you name them, they appear.

      Which caused me to sleep only one hour in three days. Michelangelo especially (with powerful fists and legs) thumped so much on my mattress that Flavia in a desperate effort to help me has thumped on my head aussi.

      Now seriously, your meditation on vampires is extremely interesting and as far as my experience unfortunately true.

      In the comments below we all discuss this concept of yours.


    2. @The Commentator

      Dear Ale,

      yes, vampires of the political kind exist here too, and they may be more numerous than in Canada, Italians having little blood left imo. It is also very handy (to vampires, not to us): little blood, little envie de se révolter.

      BUT – I may be naive (or an old fart)- I still hope in the unsinkable nature of my people, no matter the quantity of blood in their veins.

      Mario (on the phone): “Yes, you are an old fart”
      MoR: “And you too plus you are a moron”


  3. Philippe’ tu m’a fait rire a lot. Yes, those vampires en effet existent and we must avoid them. Tu es un bon homme. Je like ta compagnie.


    1. Oui, très vrai selon mon expérience aussi.

      In Rome we have a special use of a word, cordoglio, which in Italian means ‘sympathy for a person’s grief’ – so we can express cordoglio (condolence, solidarity) for victims, for a widow and so forth – but in Rome it has the additional meaning of a person who can ‘dare il cordoglio‘ (ie ‘to transmit grief to others’).

      So those who ‘give or danno il cordoglio’ radiate an ominous, joyless atmosphere (often silently blaming those around them for ALL) that actually sucks life wherever they go.

      Which I guess corresponds to what Phil means by vampire.


  4. Oh, I agree with Philippe. Physical vampires are crude and fictional; “energy sucks,” as an acquaintance of mine put it directly, find their way into every corner of life.

    As for irradiating actual blood, I figure the jury will be out on that for a while. Let’s just enjoy the solar ascendancy that Easter punctuates, and get irradiated all on our own.


    1. Energy sucks is another gem of yours and it doesn’t quite matter whether it is from your acquaintance or from you.

      I figure the jury will be out on that for a while.
      A mysterious to me sentence I attribute to the fact you are a witch, nobody having doubts about it.

      Oh YES! Let us enjoy whatever sun can irradiate us – real or spiritual, little matters.


  5. @MoR
    “transmit grief to others”

    Well, the friends here and you transmit joy and enlightenment mostly. No grief.

    Belated thanks for the Easter well-wishes.

    Enter Vampires! Why?


    1. Geraldine! Pls do not be so often gone from this place. We all need your sensitive, deep and extremely gentle touch. I cannot know about myself but you (and the rest of the readers) give me a lot of joy, quite the contrary of ‘cordoglio’!

      I realise we are saying the same thing to each other, but it possibly means these words are true. May God and the gods be with us Geraldine. It is a time of need, a time of chagrin and change, but also of enjoyment where we need some courage. This is the beauty of things dear sweet woman. And allow me to say that I love your country (Hibernia, or Eire) very much …

      Enter Vampires! Why?


  6. Mille gracie, MoR, per la scrittura. *S M I L E*
    Je pense que ca va sans dire that we, your readers, are fond of you.

    Buona notte.
    Oiche mhaith agat.


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