Pensate che i nostri antenati fossero meno ansiosi e stressati di noi?
Jean-Louis Servan-Schreiber: “Credo di sì e ho visto mio padre lavorare senza fretta. Se consideriamo ad esempio gli scambi epistolari, il tempo impiegato da una lettera per partire e arrivare si misurava in giorni o addirittura in settimane. Immaginate una corrispondenza con gli Stati Uniti … Il fatto che la comunicazione richiedesse un tempo incomprimibile portava a una maggiore riflessione. Una cosa è certa: la novità oggi è l’impazienza nata dall’immediatezza delle comunicazioni” [Le Monde].

2 thoughts on “Impazienti, meno riflessivi

  1. It’s nice to see you back in the blogging milieu. Man of Roma rides again?!!

    I remember when experts said confidently that the development and diffusion of automation, mechanisation, computer technology, and all of that, throughout our society would bring about an age of leisure. Unfortunately it turned out to be anything but.

    This is a graphic example of the law of unintended consequences. And it’s a reminder of what Bertrand Russell once said: that whenever the experts are agreed on anything, its opposite cannot be held to be certain.


    1. Hello Christopher, happy to hear from you! I guess just one little ‘like’ on one of Cheri’s posts brought you here.

      Well, Man of Roma rides again lol, but in his mother-tongue, which makes the ride less taxing. The age of leisure has not happened, unintended consequences are all over the place and we are more and more stressed. Let us cross fingers for the new generations.

      I miei migliori saluti to you and to the whole bunch of blog friends.


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