4 thoughts on “Notevole articolo del Guardian

  1. This is a brilliant article that should make Mr and Mrs American weep if only they would read it. But they won’t, because the War on Drugs is a topic undiscussed in political campaigns or in the Popular Press. No-one seems interested.

    The sadness is that the terrible carnage arising out of the War on Drugs is so unnecessary. It could end virtually overnight through a simple stroke of the pen, that would decriminalise all drug use. The War on Drugs would be over, and recovery from the sanguinary evil it spawned could then begin.

    There are, though, some tiny shards of light in this darkness. A couple of US states are now allowing the open sale and use of marijuana, as has Canada, which will officially decriminalse marijuana use within a year.

    One can only hope this represents a thin end of a wedge bringing about the complete dissolution of the War on Drugs. It can’t happen too soon.


    1. I agree with the depenalization of all drugs. There are poisons – tobacco, alcohol, all kinds of medicaments – which are not criminalised and no one forbids them.
      Interestingly, Trump’s ideas are overturned in the article, which more or less says:

      We give you money and guns, lots and lots of money. You give us drugs. The guns destroy. The money destroys. The drugs are supposed to numb people out, but that momentary numbing effect causes so much pain elsewhere. The pain migrates to Mexico, a phantom presence crossing the border the other way from the crossings [of the bad hombres] we hear so much about.


      1. Would that Trump had the emotional depth and intelligence to express publicly and eloquently the sentiments you attribute to him.

        On the other hand, most of his “base” might desert him if he did!!!


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