Sledpress Sixteen Tons -companion of so many virtual explorations- is from Northern Virginia, USA. Here she’s in her study room (or drawing room?)  (credits)

This post wishes to celebrate Sledpress, fruitful commenter (and writer) within the group of our previous slice of the blogosphere.

Sled is unpretentious, well educated, capable. Let’s say she’s got a temper too. Is it why we hung out for such a long time 🙄 ?

Now Sled, who has enough Celtic blood in her veins, is a redhead (roscia) who loves cats and many of her friends love them also. Does THAT mean she’s a witch 😱 ??

For, you see, witches are very popular today, I am not kidding, and they incidentally understand ancient languages too​​.

Some time ago I heard w-o-r-d-s (note 1) coming out of her room. A mysterious, male voice as if from a far-away land (and time):

Hey Sled, tibi gratias ago!
Res mira, res mira Sledpressa domna!
Plane nobis Fortuna bona!
Modo omnia evenire possunt …. modo omnia evenire possunt …

It was deception. The man was actually getting out of Sled’s room and approaching soundlessly to her. He had a decorated Roman gladius in his hand, with a scarlet knobbed hilt.

Nevertheless she “perceived” him out of the corner of her eye, turned abruptly and knocked him out with an extremely violent punch on his nose.

Since, you must know, in addition to the above said qualities, Sledpress is also a weightlifter bodybuilder. Her T-shirt reads:

“Do you know where the piriformis muscle is?”

(Note 1) “Hey Sled, thank you, thank you !! A wonderful thing, a wonderful thing, Mrs. Sledpressa!! It is clear that Fortune is with us !! Now anything can happen … anything can happen … ”

And indeed it happened 😉

7 thoughts on “Sledpress, The Witch

    1. She could seduce men in various ways, like Circe the sorceress did. She was also able to fight and dance on the back of a running bull while showing the rounndess of her veiled buttocks to Manius who tried to hit her with ALL he’d got. Was THIS that brought Manius’s downfall?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think so! he will have been struck by so much beauty, strength and sensuality … Poor Manius beaten by the secret weapons of the beautiful witch!


    1. Well, if I try with the Manius story once again there’ll be a lot more soreness – all over you, Manius Papirius and the whole bunch of buddies, what d’ya think, Sled? I’m so looking forward to it, but I doubt my resolve.


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