8 thoughts on “L’Uomo Universale, l’ingegnere e Stanley Kubrick. Conversazione da Lichanos (2)

  1. Complesso e molto colto!! A me francamente “tuttologo” non piace per la sua connotazione negativa. E’ chi sa tutto e non sa niente!!

    Inviato da iPhone



    1. Ciao Maria Luisa, finalmente ti vedo qui! Grazie di essere passata.
      Hai ragione, tuttologo suona come chi sa tante cose ma in modo superficiale. Ma polymath, chi lo capisce? Idem per ‘polimata’. Manca una parola adeguata, forse.


  2. If I had to choose pictures that led me to be an engineer, it would be these two:

    Alas, the heroic age of engineering is no more! And with it goes the noir, demonic side! 🤓🤗 😞

    Thank you for posting!

    My sister is now living part of the year in Barga, tending goats with expensive hair. 🤪


    1. Barga, a beautiful little town close to Lucca, Tuscany, a region much loved by British and American people.

      Should you ever pay a visit to your sister, come visit me also at my countryside villa near Arezzo, a town which is an unsung jewel in Tuscany. Tell me in advance, though.

      My future son-in-law is English and loves the place. My daughter and him, Tom, are about to get married there next May.

      And, that there is a connection between engineering and “le coté démoniaque”, it escapes me 😊


      1. Well, one day I will visit Arezzo, I hope, to see the Piero frescoes! I will let you know! 👍
        As for the demoniac element, Sewers are a frequent theme in film noir, for a beginning.
        Perhaps it’s just me! 🤪

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        1. Ah ah ah, you made me laugh. I’ll be there if you come and tell me in advance.

          As for the frescoes, I have a little story to tell. An old schoolmate of mine comes from an ancient family from Arezzo, mother’s side, the de Bacci.
          Her mother is actually a de Bacci Venuti. Now he came to my place one day and we visited the frescoes together.
          She (his then partner) said pointing at the people depicted in the frescoes:

          “See, Tommaso, this is your uncle, this is your auntie etc.”.

          I have no idea if this was true, this resemblance, I mean. It was more her than him willing to find resemblances in any case. Actually the Bacci family from Arezzo – a family of rich merchants – paid Pier de la Francesca for the frescoes, but half a millennium has passed since then, so resemblances are highly improbable (or impossible) in my opinion.


      2. As I was saying…I just watched a 1954 movie, “Them!” A sci-fi classic, it’s about giant ants that develop in the desert near where the atomic bomb was first set off. The finale takes place in the sewers of Los Angeles where the surviving queen makes her last nest.

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  3. Well, I will say this much. When I visit Europe, I am struck by the resemblance of faces I see to ones I know from the history of art. Here in America, facial types are so much more mixed up. 🤗

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